Random Thoughts

August 14, 2009

*Only the government would charge convenience fees…

So, I get my electricity from the city of Denton. They are going to close the City Hall in the Mall (where everybody goes to pay their electric bills) at the end of the month. I now have three choices:

  1. Figure out where the new electric office is going to be.
  2. Pay at one of their off-site locations (and pay an extra $1.50).
  3. Pay on-line (and pay an extra $4.50).

Any small business would love you to go to a third party or a website to buy their stuff (if they are set up to do so). It lowers the cost of labor by either shifting the majority of the labor the third party (as in the case of a retailer) or lowering the number of employees to process a sale (1 webmaster over many sales vs. multiple tellers for the same number of sales).

And people want the government (who charges you extra for reducing their labor costs!) in charge of things like health care. Stupid.

*Is it just me, or is Obama going to become the “Mr. President” character from “Death Race 2000“? A lot of things “Mr. P” does is the next logical step to what Obama is doing.

  • Both hate opposition. Obama regularly insults people against his steam-roller of Euro-socialistic death; “Mr. P” quashed his opposition by making all opinions other than those of his “Bipartisan Party” unavailable.
  • Both hate the free exchange of ideas. Obama has his snitch e-mail; “Mr. P” killed phone service.
  • Both hate old people. Obamacare will let bureaucrats get to ultimately decide if Grandma is worth keeping alive; “Mr. P” has Euthanasia Day, where they wheel out the old folk to get brutally murdered by Death Race participants.
  • Both has a cultus personalitae. Obama has Olbermann; “Mr. P” has “Bipartisan Party Deacons”, who offer prayers to him as if he were a god.
  • Both pass the blame. Obama blames “the previous administration”; “Mr. P” blames the French.
  • Both like the “Black Power” fist bump. “Mr. P” likes it so much he put it on the flag.

Am I that far off?

*How many weasels do you think you can fit in a bowling ball?

*Have you ever tried to deposit some checks whilst wearing a foam mascot suit? It is more difficult than it looks. And I bet it looked rather difficult.