Unlike last year, it would have been boring, that’s why. I played video games, went to an evening church service, came home, ate chicken wings whilst watching Simpsons reruns, and went to bed. Boring, like I said.

I even made it over 24 hours before finding out who won. NBC 5 ruined it this morning, to which I say: May your obviously not Hispanic news anchoresses with Hispanic names grow beer bellies and beards.

Apparently, this was a Super Bowl ad. It made me want to grab some guns:

Tip of the Hat: That Other McCain


…to save Mother Gaia, or some other nonsense.

The newest additions to bad things to do for the environment, according to the linked news story of a hippie study:

  • Children- They use resources too. Increases your carbon footprint by 5.7X (for every kid)!
  • Divorce- No longer sharing resources. Increases your carbon footprint by 2X!

So, the hippies want you to live in communes (because if sharing resources between two is good, sharing between 20 is better), fornicating in a non-procreative way to stop the global warming bogeyman. Sounds familiar?

Tip of the Hat: Moe Lane

I was withholding excitement about the “Goode Family” until I got to watch the premiere. And I still am withholding excitement.

I hate that whole family. Except maybe the grandfather. And Che. Kinda creepy giving praise to something named “Che”. But he bucks the vegan trend by eating other pets. That makes me happy.

It is going to take the show getting into a groove for me to be sure that Mike Judge is making fun of eco-cultism instead of giving it subtle praise (like he did to the Texas state of mind in “King of the Hill”). The replacement of garbage can with a recycling bin in the “King of the Hill” opening sequence makes me wary.

UPDATE: And Bob Sagat’s sitcom has way too little “shooting things at an indoor gun range” action, considering the promos they were playing during the “Goode Family”.