Status: 7 of 25 goals completed


  1. Have my student loans paid off: Complete
  2. Start a retirement fund: Incomplete
  3. Start a medical savings account: Incomplete
  4. Get career started: Incomplete
  5. Get off parents auto insurance: Complete
  6. Complete Operation: Yearly Rejection 2009: Failed
  7. Complete Operation: Yearly Rejection 2010: Incomplete
  8. Try Speed Dating at least once: Incomplete
  9. Have a First Date: Incomplete
  10. Get good enough on the banjo to play with the church band: Incomplete
  11. Restart going to a church homegroup: Complete
  12. Get elected to be a delegate to the State Republican Convention: Failed
  13. Get involved in a political/service organization: Incomplete
  14. Join a gun club so I do not have to pay ridiculous range fees to go shoot: Incomplete
  15. Visit parents in Sunray, Texas: Complete
  16. Lose that 50 pounds the Army told me to: Incomplete
  17. Get an actual bed: Incomplete
  18. Get some kind of meat-grilling device: Complete
  19. Get a couch: Failed
  20. Get a Nintendo controller belt buckle: Complete
  21. Get proficient with my pistol: Incomplete
  22. Get a conceal-carry license: Incomplete
  23. Go camping at Enchanted Rock: Incomplete
  24. Go to a Dallas Desperados game: ???
  25. Get my Master’s Degree diploma: Complete

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