Liber, libri- a book, volume, catalogue, letter, the inner bark or a tree.

Machina, machinae- a machine , contrivance; a crane, windlass, catapult, ballista.

What is a blog other than an electronic version of a journal (or, if you are a girl, a diary)? My semi-intelligent rantings (eventually enough to fill a book) pour out of my computational machine and into yours, via a bunch of servers not too far away from my current location in Denton, TX. Thus, a book out of a machine, or in Latin, liber ex machina.

The little tag line is an attempted homage to Handy from the 90’s superhero cartoon, The Tick. Handy was an evil green hand puppet that was part of The Terror’s gang. A running gag (or what would have been a running gag if The Tick lasted more than 3 seasons…) around Handy was how he would use literary references that no one else would get. He would throw hints at them, and, when they still did not get it, he would yell “Read a Book!”

Maybe that explanation would be better with a visual aid.

(From “The Tick” season 2: Grandpa Wore Tights)

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