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I will not link (tip of the hat, blogroll, et cetera) to any web page that, while claiming to be conservative, uses ad hominem attacks over subjects that conservatives can disagree in a civil manner. I will refrain (as best I can) from linking to web pages that use profanity and other uncouth content; if I do link to these web pages I will leave some warning as to it’s questionable content. The “Barely Literate Award”is out there to be placed in other people’s blogrolls.

Barely Literate Award

Barack Obama and His Cabinet of Doom:

Barack Obama and His Cabinet of Doom (BOHCD) is a (probably poor) work of fiction. I am almost sure that Mr. Obama is not an alien intending to weaken America enough to make an intergalactic invasion an easy one. Any diabolical plans Mr. Obama has that I accidentally write about are pure coincidences (unless, of course, he has a diabolical plan extractor that he uses on me to get ideas from, but then I would be an unwilling, unaware participant). If the concept offends you, at least give me credit for coming up with something more creative than that “Bush=Hitler” concept you found hilarious over his administration.

Chuck Norris Public Service Announcements:

Chuck Norris PSAs are also a work of (probably poor) fiction. Chuck Norris is much more sane than I make him out to be, but, in all likelihood, at least as powerful and deadly. Any announcements that are similar to actual Norris edicts are purely serendipitous, since Chuck Norris is much more capable than me in every respect. It would serve you well to not mess with him if you see him on the street. He’ll melt you with his beard’s heat vision.

Review Systems

(Pathetic) Adventures in Board Games:

Munchkin Quest and all rooms, abilities, cards, monsters, et cetera, are the intellectual property of Steve Jackson Games (please don’t sue; I’m giving credit where credit is due. Hey, that rhymes). Anything that does not have a physical analog in the Munchkin Quest game would be the result of my (yet again, probably poor) fan fiction. Yes, the game is as wacky and colorful as I tried to make it out to be when playing with the right (deranged) company. You should go out and buy it. Actually reading the couple of posts that goes along with this discliamer, on the other hand, is not for the faint of heart.

Vox Machina

Vox Machina is made using the free version of Xtranormal‘s video making service. It allows me to make videos featuring vaguely human manikins with droning, mildly disturbing robotic voices. Any ideas for subject matters? Post in video comment sections.

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