…but then I got lazy. And my robot has apparently gone insane:

It is starting to meet several signs of robo-insanity. Let me check the user’s manual:

1) Thinks it can sing

5) Thinks William Shatner can sing

47) Starts hanging out with anti-human groups (zombies, ninja, space clowns, ELF, AFL, PETA, et cetera)

5832) Believes in robot music stores

Yup. Insane. I’ll have to watch it to make sure it is not a danger to others.


Flag me, if you will (and want to):

Happy Fire Day!

May 2, 2009

Vox Machina says it in it’s own unique way.

Here are some pictures of fire for you to enjoy!

Reference for Lizard People

I had to create a YouTube account, but here we go:

Round-about Tip of the Hat: Moe Lane (he made a video using the xtranormal service, which informed me of it’s existance).