For those of you that remembered from last year, my birthday was last week. As such, I suppose I need to finalize that Operation of mine.

My final tally is at 7 goals. The only one I completed that I have not noted is that I have successfully got back in the habit of showing up to a church “homegroup” dealie. I chalk up my failures/incompletes to 3 things: poor finances, lack of confidence, and general laziness. In retrospect, the whole linchpin of most of those goals was #4 (Get career started). The job I have that I will not talk about here would qualify if it was full-time, but, as of now, it is not. If that goal was accomplished properly, I would of had the spare income (needed for goals 2, 3, 13, 14, and 21-23) and let’s say motivation (needed for goals 7-10, 16) to work on the other goals more effectively. As it is, all of that is still up in the air.

The Dallas Desperados disbanded when the AFL collapsed, but the resulting minor league AFL becoming the new AFL also has a Dallas team, so I do not know what to think of that.

Anyhoo, Happy Memorial Day. Take the time to pray for our troops (past and present); I know I did.


2 Posts a Small Cavalcade?

August 24, 2009

No, not really.

I meant to pre-load some more posts (that week’s BOaHCoD and thoughts on that Star Trek movie were to be included, amongst other things), but I never got back to work in time.

And I could not correctly guess the parental units’ wireless password.

But I survived my trip to Sunray. Huzzah. Another goal down.

On the Road Again

August 20, 2009

So, I’m hittin’ the road to see the folks way out in Sunray, Texas (I have no idea where it is either; that’s what the GPS is for). Blogging might be spotty (or at least spottier than normal) until Monday. I assume the parents have an interweb connection I can mooch off, but you can never be sure.

This starts a small cavalcade of pre-loaded posts, just in case.

Willie, take it away:

25 Things Update

August 17, 2009

I got me a part-time job that might lead to an actual career (and, no, it’s not at the Sizzler). The nature of the job is such that I am not going to talk about it here until I know one way or the other whether it is going to lead to an actual career.

The nature of the job is also such that, at least for this long semester, I will not be able to attend any “homegroup” on a regular basis.

…and all I got was a lousy piece of paper. No real career. No prestige. Not even a sheepskin. Just a piece of paper. It came in the mail yesterday. Which means I have now resolved yet another goal.

I’m thinking of photocopying both my pieces of paper and tacking them up on the wall at the counter. It might get me a better job or, at least, serve as a cautionary tale.

…It’s the Griddler!

And I have one! So, my meat-cooking device goal has been met!

Quick 25 Things Update

July 31, 2009

Filled out an application over at a head hunter business. Hopefully something comes of that. If nothing else, I can hire them to do some intense marketing of myself in September.

I turned it the form to get my Master’s Degree piece of paper a couple of weeks ago.

And that’s it.

Sorry for the slow blogging day. Nothing piqued my interest. I might try and stick something up tonight, if no other plans spontaneously arise. Off to deposit the paycheck and go pay rent!