For those of you that remembered from last year, my birthday was last week. As such, I suppose I need to finalize that Operation of mine.

My final tally is at 7 goals. The only one I completed that I have not noted is that I have successfully got back in the habit of showing up to a church “homegroup” dealie. I chalk up my failures/incompletes to 3 things: poor finances, lack of confidence, and general laziness. In retrospect, the whole linchpin of most of those goals was #4 (Get career started). The job I have that I will not talk about here would qualify if it was full-time, but, as of now, it is not. If that goal was accomplished properly, I would of had the spare income (needed for goals 2, 3, 13, 14, and 21-23) and let’s say motivation (needed for goals 7-10, 16) to work on the other goals more effectively. As it is, all of that is still up in the air.

The Dallas Desperados disbanded when the AFL collapsed, but the resulting minor league AFL becoming the new AFL also has a Dallas team, so I do not know what to think of that.

Anyhoo, Happy Memorial Day. Take the time to pray for our troops (past and present); I know I did.


So, apparently, some 2012 nut linked to my facefault post because it said DOOM! in the title.

That is all.

So, Moe Lane linked to my linking him like a week ago. I really should acknowledge that.

And, because the voices in my head demand it (in 4-part harmony), here is a song about everybody’s favorite gland, the pancreas!

…and asked me to check out his website.

And, yes, he really is going to make not supporting Obamacare an issue in one of the most conservative counties in Texas while running against the guy who, if we were smart enough to stick a conservative on the top of the ticket, would probably be writing actual health care policy for the White House.

To which I say, “Good luck with that” because it is more polite than, “What are you, retarded?”

Needless to say, Burgess for Congress.

…check out all my majesty.

Though I would have preferred less comment highlights and more tuna juggling.

My old communist flier correction post got linked to a Soviet motherhood propaganda piece here.

As one who likes to duly note such things, I could not pass that by.

Due Diligence

January 16, 2010

A random drag racing aggregate site linked how I hate video game drag racing.

And my appeal for bloggers to cover the Texas gubernatorial campaign got some notice.