Leigh Scott of Big Hollywood argues that “Avatar” is conservative propaganda that is so nuanced James Cameron does not even realize it.

Natural Fake, on the other hand, argues that Cameron is asking us to rise up against the liberal regime with our vast arsenal of guns.


Breaking the Pattern…

December 22, 2009

…time for some interesting reads:

Climategate being used to question anthropomorphic global warming and Neo-Darwinism

Poll data used to question liberal ideology and the intelligence of Obama’s supporters

Democrats Ensure America Will No Longer Be the Last Best Hope of Earth

The Democrats keep trying to take away my bullets!

Yet Another Video Posting…

December 22, 2009

…this time from the best Christmas special ever:

And, yes, Chuck Norris’ column this week is not appropriate to give the whole PSA treatment.

…as provided by Scott Wilder’s Reading Room:

I’m just a cynic who only believes in Santa

And Barack Obama is trying to steal my “most boring man in the world” shtick. What, is he not satisfied with my money? He has to steal one of my meager accomplishments too?

…but Philosopher King Chuck Norris is covering something too serious this time (and next week too, if his post script is any indication).

The greatest genocide of Western civilization is too serious to make light of. And it does not help that the genocide enablers can pull shenanigans to pile on the bodies.

…so let’s fix that:

Mr. Shapiro, the racism of black people cannot explain Obama’s continued semi-popularity, since he is not black.

Here is an interesting piece on Obama either being schizophrenic orĀ double mindedĀ at West Point.

Point/Counterpoint: Do liberals hate poor people or cops more?

…then off to dinner.

Church, State, Jesus, and Obama

Why Leftist Hollywood Loves Dictators