May 25, 2010

I knee-jerked voted for killing mohair subsidies because that seemed silly. I mean, what exactly is the point of mohair subsidies? People seem to buy itchy sweaters regardless.

Tip of the Hat: IMAO


As much as I like the occasional game of video Yahtzee, I really do not want to battle a digital version of myself in a sudden death round of it. I am just not that lucky at dice rolling.

Apparently, you can be 2% addicted to Facebook without even having a Facebook!

Tip o’ the Hat: Cracked (crudeness ahoy!)

So, reader Tony told me that I should get Facebook so that he can use that instead of a personalized communique to invite me to his birthday party.

What is wrong with the personalized touch? If he just wants to be lazy and only send a form invitation, he can act his age and do it via e-mail.

Oh, and apparently everyone is invited to his party. Not being one to publish other people’s e-mail addresses, you can try and reach him on his Xanga, but he has not used it since 2006.

…Martha Coakley says devout Catholics should not work in ERs:

And you think ObamaCare is not going to crush religious freedom.

For those a little confused, chemical contraception is a no-no. By tricking the female body into thinking it is constantly pregnant, it messes with God’s design on how the female body is supposed to work and treat one of His gifts, fertility, as a disease. Granted, the “mainline” Protestant denominations gave up that battle line and the Evangelicals are a little muddled in their opposition, but it does not change the fact that chemical contraception is a no-no. The especially egregious chemical contraception would be “the morning after pill” and it’s ilk (also called the abortifacients). By preventing the fertilized egg from implanting into the woman’s uterus, it is effectively the most common form of infanticide.

And here is someone gung-ho about ObamaCare essentially saying that , if you cannot tow the government approved line, you should not bother to be in the health care industry when we take charge.

Tip of the Hat: Big Government via Big Hollywood’s headlines

A note to some of the commenters of the original story: The typical medical procedures we think of as “abortions” do not take place in the ER, but abortifacient contraceptives can be given. Even Planned Parenthood (who would rather you come to them for the typical medical procedure) says so.

*Man, that debate was a little too short. An hour for three candidates? Especially when you try and throw so many curve ball formats, that is just not enough time for every candidate to get their message across.

*It’s nice to see that the moderators were equally hostile to all candidates. It’s the joy of the liberal “mainstream” media; since they ultimately want whichever Republican gets the nod to lose, they are more (for lack of a better term) fair than they would be otherwise.

*The zinger directed at Kay Bailey should have been better expected. She knew she was going to be question on her infanticide stance. I can understand why she would want to say her voting record is consistently anti-infanticide and could not utter the words “I support the continuation of Roe v Wade”. Unfortunately, her record is not squeaky clean (click the “votes” tab to see her record), with her vote to endorse the continuation of Roe v. Wade (as highlighted in the debate) and, more recently, her votes supporting embryonic stem cell research. She also ducked out on voting for/against allowing infanticide to be offered on military bases.

*The zinger directed at Debra Medina will probably backfire on the media. Trying to paint Medina as a “gun nut” is more likely to get Republican primary voters to want to support her, not less. And in a state where even the Democrats like playing with guns, being seen as pro-gun is a universal good thing.

*It was pretty ballsy of Kay Bailey to use her question to Debra Medina as a backhanded attack on Governor Goodhair. And attack Medina did.

*I think Medina was the straightest talking candidate there. Both Goodhair and Hutchinson were too “slick”.

*Hey, R.S.! I’ll throw $20 in the tip jar if you come cover this race once the Massachusetts special election is done. I’ll even buy you a cup of coffee if you cut through Denton on the way when I am off work. Need convincing?

  • You would get to rub ‘Bama’s win over the Fightin’ Moo Cows in Austin!
  • Medina is ya’ll’s kind of crazy. She made a Battle of Goliad ad! Would a RINO pose with a cannon and praise people who fought an imperial government?
  • Hey, if Kay Bailey Hutchinson wins (or steps down after the primary as she has promised at one point), Cornyn would be the liberal Senator from Texas! A potential net win for conservatism!
  • I’ll pretty sure Philosopher King Chuck Norris will not roundhouse kick you for being a foreigner…

…so it is unlikely I’ll be able to liveblog the Governor Primary Debate at the site as I imagined I would.

This means that I will probably be listening to the debate on the radio whilst playing Forza, making notes for an analysis piece to be posted after the debate is over. I do not want to break my streak of liveblogging only inconsequential things if I am going to be sitting alone and listening to it like I’m from the roaring 20’s.

They say we can catch it here. We will see how that works.

Well, I’m off to grab some lunch/dinner/first real meal of the day so that I can be back before the rigmarole gets started. Stay tuned.