Snow Brings Out the Weird in People

February 11, 2010

How can someone possibly play the banjo THAT fast? I mean, I know I can’t play my banjo very fast (mainly due to my utter lack of practice), but those notes were running together so much it sounded downright atonal.

Tip of the Hat: That Other McCain

What’s next? Smitty making a Youtube instructional video on the fine art of frozen tuna juggling? Moe Lane riding a My Little Pony in the Maryland tundra? Frank J. entering a death cage match against 15 fat kids? My poorly used vlog robot going further on the fritz? Someone else I regularly link to doing something strange? We need to stop this global cooling madness before it is too late!

I do not want to think about it, so I’m going back to my regularly scheduled video games for several hours.

UPDATE: Not quite Moe Lane trotting along with the My Little Ponies, but his culinary post is certainly weird. Everyone knows you drink milk and use whiskey for Molotov cocktails or target practice.


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