In Massachusetts Election News…

January 14, 2010

…Martha Coakley says devout Catholics should not work in ERs:

And you think ObamaCare is not going to crush religious freedom.

For those a little confused, chemical contraception is a no-no. By tricking the female body into thinking it is constantly pregnant, it messes with God’s design on how the female body is supposed to work and treat one of His gifts, fertility, as a disease. Granted, the “mainline” Protestant denominations gave up that battle line and the Evangelicals are a little muddled in their opposition, but it does not change the fact that chemical contraception is a no-no. The especially egregious chemical contraception would be “the morning after pill” and it’s ilk (also called the abortifacients). By preventing the fertilized egg from implanting into the woman’s uterus, it is effectively the most common form of infanticide.

And here is someone gung-ho about ObamaCare essentially saying that , if you cannot tow the government approved line, you should not bother to be in the health care industry when we take charge.

Tip of the Hat: Big Government via Big Hollywood’s headlines

A note to some of the commenters of the original story: The typical medical procedures we think of as “abortions” do not take place in the ER, but abortifacient contraceptives can be given. Even Planned Parenthood (who would rather you come to them for the typical medical procedure) says so.


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