Not That I Particularly Care…

January 13, 2010

…but apparently the sodomites are in an uproar ’cause there was not a sodomite in Avatar. And the future is “transgender“.

A couple of things come to mind. Taking the movie at the intended surface, how can you possibly find a “positive role” for a sodomite in Avatar? Make him a bloodthirsty U.S. Army substitute character? Mayhaps one of those Pandora pillaging miners? Show two male Na’vi fornicating?

If Cameron did put a token sodomite in the movie, they would be in an uproar about that. They’d accuse him of portraying all sodomites as bloodthirsty warmongers or environmental rapists or non-human. The best he could have done was to either make the main character a sodomite (and ruin his chances at the American box office) or invent a sodomite character to ineffectively protest the actions of the “bad guys” and listen to the sodomites whine about being portrayed as milquetoasts.

Secondly, look at their reasons:

“1) To make all people aware that heterosexual arrogance, assumptions or exclusions of alternative sexualities in movies is no longer acceptable. Diversity and tolerance are human rights.

2) To speak out for all gay, bi-sexual, genderless and transgender people who are not represented by any character in Avatar.

3) To educate people about Evolution and humanity’s transition to transgenderism.”

Really? You could not even correct the grammar, eh? Or is “evolution” the deity to the sodomites like Athor, Rational God of Reason is the deity of Atheists?

And how is diversity and tolerance human rights? Human rights “are endowed by their Creator” on an individual basis, not made up as one goes along. An individual cannot be “diverse” in any real sense of the term. Ignoring the mixed ethnicity wrinkle (which, I would argue, makes a new ethnicity, not a combination of old ones), an individual can only be one gender, one creed, one state of health, and, yes, even one sexual preference. And tolerance, by the liberal definition those folks use, means unquestionable acceptance of another person’s behavior. God does not work that way; If He were “tolerant”, there would not have been any reason for Christ to go up on that cross since God would have been cool with sin.

And that third statement is waaaaaaaay off-base. Even assuming evolution can explain macro-population shifts like the one this guy is trying to pin it on, either sodomy as a lifestyle choice will fade out of existence on the human race will. I’m sorry, but whatever positive aspects of your “pro-sodomy gene” conveys upon you, it is more than counter-acted by the fact that you do NOT BREED! Using evolution to argue for your poor life-choice is like saying evolution favors individuals that claim to have a gene that makes them compulsively smash testes to a bloody pulp with a sledgehammer. Whatever personal enjoyment one would get from that exercise is counteracted by them not passing on that gene to the next generation more effectively than those that do not (because either you or your sexual partner are missing the organs one would need to reproduce). Therefore, that gene does not exist. It’s the same thing with sodomy. You can blame society, addiction, masochism, or bad parenting on your poor life-choice, but saying “I was born that way” does not fly.

Europe is a good example of what happens to those populations that start to favor the “pro-sodomy gene”. It is a contributing factor in Europe’s below replacement levels of population growth. The Mohammadean populations are not experiencing population decline partly because they repress those pro-sodomy desires. The threat of stoning is more than sufficient to stop most emotionally unstable people from trying to get two of the same type of genitalia to stimulate each other.

On an off-topic note, this is all pretty funny when they start whining about Avatar’s DVD release will have a deleted bit of heterosexual inter-species erotica (a back on topic note: they are happy with the inclusion of that bit of beastiality, they are just mad that the two critters in question have different genitalia) by posting Youtube videos of Mass Effect’s Liara fornicating with the female version of Shepard. The Asari breed by telepathic transmission of genetic material. I doubt Asari even have ovaries. Let’s see evolution make that happen from scratch. Especially when there is still a perfectly viable way of having children.

Tip of the Hat: One of my Youtube subscriptions commented on a response to a video on the subject (which had the link).


2 Responses to “Not That I Particularly Care…”

  1. Tony G Says:

    “Really? You could not even correct the grammar, eh? Or is “evolution” the deity to the sodomites like Athor, Rational God of Reason is the deity of Atheists?”

    Actually, it’s Logos, God of Logic…

  2. liberexmachina Says:

    No, I’m sorry. It is already well established that the god of Atheists is Athor, Rational God of Logic.

    But that you for reminding me that I messed up it’s honorific.

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