Behind Door #3

January 7, 2010

I’m rather ambivalent betwixt the options A (Governor Goodhair) and B (Kay Bailey Hutchinson) for Texas Governor. That’s why I have been half-way shilling Michael Williams for Governor along with his campaign to replace K.B. Hutchinson in the Senate.

My inside track to the pulse of Austin was saying something about a third option. Well, I finally dug around (inspired, ironically, by a Google ad on Moe Lane’s site for some hippie hairdresser running for governor) and found it.

Behind Door #3: Debra Medina!

I particularly like the dig at those dastardly foreigners, the United Nations.

It looks like I might, for the first time ever, not be utterly disgusted with the top of the ticket. We’ll see how see does in the Republican primary debate (on UNT’s campus, no less). I might even be able to get in and, for the first time ever, liveblog about something that actually matters.

Until I make a real choice, Michael Williams for Senate, Governor, Minister of Bow Ties, et cetera.


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