Read a Game?: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

January 4, 2010

Gamerscore after 2 playthroughs: 635/1000

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is a sequel to Marvel Ultimate Alliance, which was a sequel to X-Men Legends 2, which was also a sequel. Unlike the previous games, this one was made by Vicarious Visions (who built an engine used by the other games). So, it’s a sequel that is not a sequel. Or something.

As a side note, I’m going to try something different and combine the traditional paragraph thang with the Good, Bad, and Ugly-esque bullets I do for sequels.

The Good

  • Gameplay: The fusion powers are mostly cool. The X-treme powers were a little hokey and the fusion powers being mapped on a trigger opens up an easily accessible fifth power.
  • Presentation: The graphics are crazy amazing and the sound is pretty darn good, too.
  • Presentation: They nailed Deadpool. Fourth wall breaking jokes for the win.
  • Replay: Replays are more important than ever. A pseudo-branching second act with exclusive swag helps in that regard.

The Bad

  • Gameplay: There are only 9 missions. 9. As a point of comparison, Alliance 1 had at least 11. There was so little in the main mode they have an achievement for not dying on every map.
  • Gameplay: The game was a little buggy. Especially the Wakanda mission.
  • Presentation: The story kinda set the Civil War storyline on fire for three reasons. One: There is no reason for a good number of player/characters to be there. Thor? Dead. Hulk? Launched into space. Phoenix? Dead. Iceman? His involvement in Civil War was to try and rescue the 198. Gambit? He was doing something so inconsequential that I cannot even remember it. Two: The comic book storyline was a little unbalanced, but there was no “let’s compromise our morals by bringin’ on The Punisher” moment on the Anti-Reg side in the game. The developers drop the whole “but the Anti-Regs released the nanite-infected super villains” cop-out, but that side never dipped into the greyness that would make the Pro-Reg side palatable. Three: Nanite hive mind ending? Really?
  • Interface: You cannot assign powers to buttons. I cannot tell you how many times I meant to whack someone with a Deadpool melee combo to watch him pull out the pistols because I was used to my old method of A=melee power, B= projectile, X= radial and Deadpool’s A power is the projectile and B and Y are both melees.
  • Morality: There is some political correctness going on here. Wolverine quits his cigars and references it in his fightin’ quips.

The Meh

  • Gameplay: The game plays the same as it always did. Half of the advancements they made felt like it would fit in X-Men Legends, not in the forth of the series. Kinda lame.
  • Gameplay: The team leveling function is replaced by “team boosts”. 3 equipment spots for medals. Medals do stuff.

The Totals:

Gameplay: 4/5

Presentation: 4/5

Interface: 3/5

Replay: 5/5

Morality: 4/5

Total: 4/5


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