Thoughts on New Years

January 1, 2010

I’ve never particularly cared about New Year’s. It just seemed like a time to get drunk  and act like eating black eye peas and cabbage have mystical properties at an arbitrary time of year. Oh, there are lame parades and college football (featuring schools I do not particularly care about) also, I suppose, but a lack of TV makes that an even less exciting prospect than it usually does. The only real “activity” that I even really notice is the fact that today is the first day I’ll mess up the date until I get used to writing “2010” instead of “2009”. Whoop-dee-do.

So, do not expect me to bust out the lists designed to reflect on the previous year.

In other calendar news, I failed Operation: Yearly Rejection 2009. I actually found a target, but a combination of my cowardliness and the typical single female pack mentality made it rather difficult to find the proper approach to ask her out. Having my hours cut down to the nub and getting in that car crash deflated whatever hope I had in mustering up the courage to actually ask her out before the calendar changed. It would be inappropriate to try and start dating when you do not have the income for it.

I’m also way behind on my Operation: 25 Things. Only 6 goals done to my satisfaction? Man, am I pathetic. I certainly do enjoy beating myself up.

Tomorrow is the blog’s first “birthday”. Mayhaps I’ll be in a better mood then. I’ll have a couple of hours of work at least. This whole sitting around with nothing to do, while nice for a while, is really a drag.


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