That’s Just Crazy Enough to Work…

December 21, 2009

…we force Obama to acknowledge the mighty reign of Philosopher King Chuck Norris, win the 2nd Mexican War, and take back the lands stolen from us by those United States after the 1st Mexican War. Then, we conquer the parts of those United States worth having and use whatever hippies that survives as a workforce to erect statues to liberty and our Philosopher King.

I’ll need more guns, but I’m game. I’m a decent enough shot, considering my poor eyesight, but wide-radius weapons like Taurus’ The Judge, automatic shotguns, and rocket-propelled grenades would be preferable. I would not mind a copy of your movie, either.

Tip of the Hat: That Other McCain

Oh, and so you know, I was looking for a link about The Judge, and saw that Taurus had the following video up. Imagine the destructive power I would have with this gun against those Okies that thought they could jump onto The Last, Great Hope for Peace ’til Jesus Comes Back:


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