Read a Book!: Tea Chings

December 7, 2009

Tea Chings:The Tea and Herb Companion

by The Republic of Tea

Again, the Huckabee book got delayed, this time by my tea order, which included this book. And, yes, the company actually claims to have written the book as a corporate entity. And, yes, the pun is quite intentional; they use it at every turn.

A side note, I like Republic of Tea’s shtick. It’s filled with visions of British colonialism instead of the usual irritating hippie route that most American based tea companies take (I’m looking at you, Yoga Tea!). Making me feel like one of the ultra-rich overlords of some imperialistic tea plantation while I sip my full-leaf is half the fun.

Unfortunately, this book has two pretty glaring flaws. One, it offers very little information I did not already discover when I tried to figure out just how I wanted to get me some full-leaf tea. Sure, it gave me a few ideas on how else to brew iced tea (Mason jar on a windowsill) and a couple of tea varietals I want to try (exemplia gratia, Pu-Erh), but most of the contents of the book I have already found on the Interwebs for free.

The second one, in retrospect, I should have already imagined. Beneath that imperialist veneer lies the cold, lifeless void of the hippies. This is especially apparent in the herbal section, which regularly takes stabs at Western civilization while praising various herbs in their medicinal uses.

Mayhaps the reason why good tea is so under-drank in America is the fact that, no matter what route you take, you are supporting liberal ideology.Whether it is the relatively independent Yogi Teas that make it overt, the Starbucks owned Tazo Teas, the British tea companies steeped in the status quo of Euro-socialism, or my very own Republic, you just cannot escape their liberal claws. I mean, they are called “Tea Parties” based on an event of people resisting the liberal establishment, not because they actually drink it.

It is good to “read against one’s type”, however. If you know absolutely nothing about what goes into a proper cup of tea and consider your time more valuable than $19.95, it is a quick read (I got my book on Friday afternoon and finished it by Sunday).

Read a Book!


2 Responses to “Read a Book!: Tea Chings”

  1. Tony G Says:

    Two comments:
    One, as you stated when Crowder said in his video there have been no good liberals in history, you claimed those Boston Tea Partiers as liberals for going against the status quo.

    Two, you read books freakishly fast, so you reading the book in two days is actually really slow.

  2. liberexmachina Says:

    To respond to your comments:

    I was using liberal in the contemporary sense (status quo= America not being a Euro-socialist wasteland), not in the historical one. And I said that liberalism’s praiseworthiness is based on what the status quo is. Are you saying that the current status quo the modern liberal is fighting against (America not being a Euro-socialist wasteland) is just as heinous as the status quo the Boston Tea Party was fighting against (America being a colony to a Euro-socialist wasteland)?

    With the exception of “The History of Farting”, it is silly to expect me to start and finish a book in a day. I am a fast reader, but I am not that fast.

    Just catching up on commenting on random posts, eh?

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