Read a Book!: More Information Than You Require

December 5, 2009


by John Hodgman

Obviously, I could not resist the siren’s song being emitted by Hodgman’s book.

I thought I reviewed the previous book in Hodgman’s fake almanac series (The Areas of My Expertise), but, apparently, I was mistaken. Or should I say that “More” (as it is abbreviated on the spine) is a continuation of the previous book? I mean, even the pagination continues from the first book.

Anyways, this book is filled with more facts Hodgman made up, but it is a little less enjoyable than the first. The page-a-day calendar stunt is a little off-putting and makes what could have been an interesting highlight of the book (Richmond, Virginia’s war to be declared Strange Rain Capital of the World) disjointed. The highlights from this book are less engaging than the previous ones (I mean, philosophe Mole-men instead of dust-storm summoning hobos? Really?).

All in all, though, Hodgman is the only Daily Show regular that is not a hack. Maybe, if enough people buy his book, they will replace John Stewart.

Read a Book!


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