Random Thoughts

November 27, 2009

*In the Attack of the Killer Tomatoes sequels, they banned eating tomatoes. Isn’t that giving in to those fruit terrorists demands? I mean, if I was a killer tomato, I’d be killing people for eating my tomatoey brethren.

*Thinking of food, someone had the Whataburger spokesvoice leave a message on my phone about the A-1 Think ‘n’ Hearty Burger’s soon to be demise. I will now mourn the passing of this burger I have never eaten:

Oh, woe is me. The A-1 Thick ‘n’ Hearty Burger is soon to be no longer of this world. That mediocre steak sauce will never pass from a Whataburger to my lips. I will just have to get those onions on any other Whataburger. I will never eat that bacon-y bacon again. Alas.

*I got to spend a good $70 getting the title of my car transferred to me this week. The bureaucrat and I exchanged some barbs. I have not noticed the erosion of our American, God-given freedoms this much since having to pay taxes. What business does the government have in the sale of a car? Why should I have to pay a $10 “Gift Fee” because my parents gave me the car instead of selling it to me? Why do I have to transfer it within the government’s time instead of at my own leisure? Socialism!

*It’s hard to restart the “Random Thoughts” posts on a holy day weekend.

*I just got back from getting a autographed copy of Mike Huckabee’s new book. I guess John Hodgeman’s sequel is just going to have to wait so that I can see just how “giftable” Huck’s book is.


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