Thought on the Manhattan Declaration

November 20, 2009

Non-reader (as far as I know) Dax sent me on the hunt for this:

Manhattan Declaration: A Call of Christian Conscience

This was the only bit that stuck me as more than standard orthodox (as in Biblical, not as in Antioch Orthodox specifically) Christian bric-a-brac.

“The impulse to redefine marriage in order to recognize same-sex and multiple partner relationships is a
symptom, rather than the cause, of the erosion of the marriage culture. It reflects a loss of understanding of the meaning of marriage as embodied in our civil and religious law and in the philosophical tradition that contributed to shaping the law. Yet it is critical that the impulse be resisted, for yielding to it would mean abandoning the possibility of restoring a sound understanding of marriage and, with it, the hope of rebuilding a healthy marriage culture. It would lock into place the false and destructive belief that marriage is all about romance and other adult satisfactions, and not, in any intrinsic way, about procreation and the unique character and value of acts and relationships whose meaning is shaped by their aptness for the generation, promotion and protection of life. In spousal communion and the rearing of children (who, as gifts of God, are the fruit of their parents’ marital love), we discover the profound reasons for and benefits of the marriage covenant.”

I have never seen the argument phrased this way, but it’s true. Mayhaps we focus more on the symptoms than the root causes?

I understand just how little an Interweb petition really means, but I stuck my electronic Henry Lee to it. If you wish to do the same, the link is here.


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