No, I Have Not Fallen Off the Face of the Earth, Part II

October 31, 2009

Has it really been over a month since I posted anything?

Well, I’m still alive (as far as I can tell) and still working two jobs. I still have not gotten used to trying to write anything substantial after a 50-60 hour workweek. The only reason I’m writing anything now is that I’m stuck at work for 8 hours on a Saturday; Saturday morning classes are notoriously under-attended, especially during big holidays (like Reformation Day), so I have time to spare.

So, what has happened over the past month?

  • I got off the parent’s car insurance and need to find the time to finish the title transfer. After that, I’m completely off the apron strings, for better or worse.
  • I caught a throat/sinus infection during Homecoming. Half a paycheck went to the medical profession to get that diagnosis. Our stupid third-party payer system makes health care way too expensive (and believe me, it will be worse if the government becomes the only third-payer in town…).
  • I finally got around to watching G.I. Joe, thus completing the Summer of Disappointment.
  • One of the reasons I instituted my “11th commandment” rule (Little Green Football’s Charles Johnson) either went completely off the deep end or everybody else in the blogosphere noticed how crazy he is. It got so bad that the other reason I instituted the aforementioned rule (Allahpundit of Hot Air) threw in a couple of jabs. Other people documented it as it was happening. I just thought I should note it.
  • Rio got the 2016 Olympics. I’m happy about that, but not in the Nelson laugh towards Obama way the media tried to spin it. If the Olympics are supposed to be about countries getting together in the spirit of friendly competition, we should be spreading the hosting wealth around. In the past 25 years, the U.S. hosted the Olympics thrice; the entire Southern Hemisphere has only hosted the Olympics twice (Rio will be the Southside’s third Olympics). If a country is able to provide the support to be able to host the Olympics, they should be given an opportunity even if that means the U.S. needs to step back every now and then. Of course, I could be wrong about the whole point of the exercise…
  • A new nadir in Nobel Peace Prizes has been reached. While it could be argued (falsely) that universal nuclear disarmament would result in a more peaceful world, Obama has yet to accomplish anything making that particular windmill more a reality. At least Gore made a successful documentary about stopping global warming to get his Peace Prize. I’m sure that the Nobel Committee will come up with something to top the embarrassment of this year’s award (Iran’s leadership winning one for nuking Israel?), but still…

That’s all the updates I can think of.


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