August 19, 2009

…Lutz is just as mad about tuition deregulation as I am, if I am reading betwixt the lines properly.

If he had a chance to ask Kay Bailey about it, he might have solved my previously documented ambivalence towards the governor’s race. Governor Goodhair lost my vote when he did that. I still view it as the coward’s way out of solving the higher education budget gap back then. If Kay Bailey agrees with Perry’s “decision”, she would lose my vote just as fast; if she disagrees and pledges to reverse that policy, she would be closer to winning my vote. She won’t win it just with that (there is still her squish tendencies and that nickname to clear up), but she would be closer.

And I do vote in primaries, Senator. It would be nice to actually vote for the Republican candidate at the top of the ticket for once.


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