August 17, 2009

So, one of the joys of working at a college coffee shoppe is the strange, hippie propaganda that occasionally gets stuck on the cork board. Me, being obnoxious, subversive, and a little crazy, like to help clean up the propaganda by writing corrections and other sarcastic notes in the margins. My favorite: “We ♥ Terrorists! Let’s Give Them Ponies!”

The following is the latest set of corrections for some hippie propaganda on the cork board. While they don’t quite live up to my favorite correction, I think it makes the huge block ‘o text readable. My additions are in bold:





General meetings held:

University of North Texas

[room location]

Wednesdays @ 7PM

[contact bric-a-brac]

Where we stand

Capitalism is a system where a small rich ruling class profits from the labor of the working class majority in society. A society where the workers have no say over production (other than whether they should continue to work there, of course) and where their wealth is redistributed to rich people. Socialism is a society where the working class collectively owns and controls the wealth their labor creates as controlled by a small rich ruling class through working class democracy. A society where human need is top priority within reason (no need to pay for Grandma’s hip replacement) instead of making profit. Big government is not socialism. Capitalists make government bigger to preserve their rule and privileges because making more red tape and taking more of their profits via big government preserves their rule and privileges. Obviously. The bigger capitalism gets, the more government there is. The real question isn’t the size of government. Its whose side the government is on. We do not support capitalist parties like the Democrats or Republicans. They represent the liberal and conservative sides of the same capitalist class. They do not represent the interests of working people, if by interests one means cradle-to-grave coddling, protecting them from having to make real decisions. China, North Korea etc., like the former Soviet Union, have nothing to do with socialism. They call themselves socialists to disguise their class rule or they are being honest and a little extreme. These countries are state capitalist regimes. We support the struggles of workers in these countries against the bureaucratic ruling class but not the struggles of workers in softer, gentler Socialist countries against the bureaucratic ruling class. That would be silly.

There was only so much margin space or I would have added more. The assumption that capitalism leads to “state capitalism” (aka communism, or socialism to it’s obvious conclusion) so deserves a good snark (as do all the other sentences that I left alone, due to space constraints).

It is important to note that, along with the rights to govern one own’s life, socialists do not believe in proper punctuation. No wonder they are only popular in places where the ability to communicate is frowned upon (like colleges).

Oh, well. I guess I need to re-hang the propaganda bit so the hippies can see how I improved on their work. Maybe next time I’ll have a red pen to correct grammar properly…


2 Responses to “Corrections”

  1. Tony G Says:

    I can provide said red pen…

  2. liberexmachina Says:

    To be perfectly honest, I want a red pen that is comfortable to use (which seems to be impossible to find since only teachers and editors would really want red ink). I appreciate the offer, though.

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