People Where Expecting This?

August 14, 2009

So, apparently, people were predicting a surge in the nation’s birth rate due to Obama winning the election. That people would be so jubilant that Obama won they they would immediately procreate.

It did not happen and it should have been obvious it would not.

For one, Obama only won with 53% of the vote. Of those, not all of them would have been gung-ho about it, seeing Obama as “the lesser of two evils” (kind of the liberal version of holding one’s nose and voting McCain). So, maybe 40% of the nation would have been excited enough by the prospects of the socialized menace in the White House to start the baby-making.

For two, married folks (you know, those most likely to not use contraception and keep any babies conceived) leaned towards McCain. From Gallup (organized differently):

Married (McCain 56-44)

Married Men (McCain 58-42)

Married Women (53-47)

Unmarried (Obama 65-35)

Unmarried Men (63-37)

Unmarried Women (66-34)

There may well have been a spike in sexual relations on the night of November 4th, but liberal sensibilities of “marriage is for the gays”, “free love”, and “viewing children as a punishment” ensured that we would not see anything of it.

Tip of the Hat: Scott Wilder


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