Random Thoughts

August 7, 2009

With apologies to Thomas Sowell:

* Would it not be hilarious if the Super Mario Brothers opened up a School of Offensive Italian Stereotypes?

“It’sa me, Mario! Looka at all the courses that you cana be takin’ at Mario’s School of Offensive Italian Stereotypes:

  • Workin’ fora the mob (thosea turtles woulda not paya thier union dues!)
  • Chef Boyardee: eatin’ offensively ona a budget
  • Talkin’ witha your hands
  • Being greasy and swarthy while nota being Greek
  • “That’s a spicy meataball”: fireball throwin fora the beginners
  • Speakin the broken English (thatsa what wea speak at the home)
  • Drinkin espresso anda makin’ fun of the coffee.

Anda my personala favorite:

  • Mustachio growing: a waya ofa life

Joina in today, and I’lla throw in a free mustachio comb! The Irish, theya need not apply”

*How wrong would it be to call into one of those radio request programs and ask them to play something that is obviously not in their library, like “Disco Duck”, “Ain’t Going Down on Brokeback Mountain”, “The Battle of New Orleans”, “Alice’s Restaurant”, or “Albuquerque”? And why is that such a compulsion for me?

*I hit the big 10,000 Gamerscore (X-Box 360 achievement bragging rights, for the uninitiated) this week (sadly, with Need for Speed: Carbon). Another sad Gamerscore tidbit? 2 hours playing Dirt’s career mode has got me the same Gamerscore as NfS:C, with twice the achievements.


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