Where’s My Hat Tip, Moe Lane?

July 29, 2009

So, Mr. Lane posted a Shatner rendition of “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds“. Not once did he acknowledge the inspiration I must have given him to do so.

I posted that particular Shatner tune during my whole “Bribe Harvey” phase of giving IMAO the first ever “Barely Literate” award. He must have noticed it, considering it is right above the Bilbo Baggins video he said was “not even remotely right“.

Granted, it is a different video of the same tune and used for different purposes (I was trying to bride Harvey with baked hams, Mr. Lane is trying to torture people who do not order some stuff), but I want, nay demand, that my contribution to the stockpile of cheesy videos he could think of!

All that being said, Steve Martin plays a mean “Loch Lomond“:

UPDATE: Yeah! Crisis averted! Ego Trip over.


One Response to “Where’s My Hat Tip, Moe Lane?”

  1. […] There are enough blogwars going on right now that I decline to add to their number, particularly since Liber Ex Machina might actually have a point (I’m studiously ignoring that it might have been due to Shatner’s other recent spoken-word shenanigans, mostly because I don’t feel like getting mad at the man).  So here is Liber Ex Machina’s precious hat tip. […]

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