If You Have Not Been Following The Conversation…

July 28, 2009

…Reader Tony told me I should do some “research” on the “blue dog” Democrats (see the comments here).

There have been 2 important pieces of legislature so far this session: The Stimulus and Cap ‘n’ Trade.

Of the 52 Democrats in this loose confederation, 22 voted FOR Cap ‘n’ Trade. It passed by 7 votes. If the “blue dogs” voted in a block (id est, all 52 voting one way) against the gigantic energy tax, it would have failed. If 2/3’s of them voted against the bill (35), it would have failed.

Only 6 voted against the stimulus bill, a more overt strike against the principle of fiscal responsibility the “blue dogs” espouse. It passed by 56 votes. If the “blue dogs” showed solidarity against the bill, it might have failed.

And how come I did not hear of a “blue dog” block vote against Pelosi and Hoyer reattaining their leadership positions (both of which scored an ACU rating of 0% last session)? Would the “blue dogs” try to vote for someone more willing to build bipartisanship bridges? Or believed in fiscal responsibility?

Looks to me that, when it really matters for the Democratic party, the “blue dogs” will fall in line, principles or no principles. What evidence can you supply to show that the “blue dogs” vote in a block against the Democratic position in a major piece of legislation? Or even a large enough majority to kill a major piece of liberal legislation that flying in the face of their espoused beliefs?


2 Responses to “If You Have Not Been Following The Conversation…”

  1. Tony G Says:

    I wish I could argue your point, but I can’t. There are blue dogs who stand up for their beliefs, but there are others who just say they are to get their constituents’ votes. Interestingly enough, of those who claim to be blue dogs, only about a third of them are pro-life. There are also a handful of extremely liberal, yet still pro-life representatives (perhaps a paradigm shift)? I wish they would vote in block. However, I still think it’s unfair to characterize all Democrats as being the same. If that was the case, those 6 would have fallen in line, as well…

  2. liberexmachina Says:

    Well, to be fair, the only organizing principle is “fiscal responsibility”, not “moral uprightness”. Even says so on their coalition website.

    I was not trying to characterize them as “being the same”. I was trying to characterize them as ineffective or their presence still makes the same result as having a ultra-liberal when it really matters. The difference is in the reasoning they use in justifying their vote (unequivocally supporting the issue versus playing nice with the party purse string holders).

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