Governor Goodhair Needs a Good Face-Punchin’

July 25, 2009

Where is his subtle calls for succession now? His attempts to fight the socialized everything the Federales are trying to pull?

Sorry, he is too busy thanking the Department of Education for $3.2 billion dollars in sweet, sweet grant money. Just goes to show you that, when the going gets tough, Goodhair nestles closer to the faceless bureaucracy, begging for the pain of having to make tough decisions go away.

Vote Michael Williams for Governor.

UPDATE: In other, taking-the-path-of-least-resistance, Goodhair talked about fightin’ ObamaCare on DFW radio. Why he could not do that to DoE should be obvious.

Sorry to shatter your warm fuzzies for Goodhair, Smitty. He just pulls out the talk of Texas succession when it is can help him grab back some of those primary votes he lost to Larry Kilgore (including mine).


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