Just to Note…

July 24, 2009

…the only reason I voted for Cornyn is because the only other options were cultists. One was a supposed “blue dog” democrat (meaning he would act like he’s listening to his constituents while following Pelosi’s lead), the other was a Scientologist. I imagine that was the response of most sane Texans (or at least the ones who bother to check out who the Libertarian is before heading to the polls). In fact, if my paper ballot had the spot, I would have written in Philosopher King Chuck Norris. Either way, this is the closest I have ever come to regretting a vote.

So, Not One Read Cent posted this video of Cornyn being booed at Austin’s 4th of July Tea Party. I do not know what is more interesting: the heckles or the speech. You decide:

Tip of the Hat: McCain, the Other McCain which is an interesting tangential read.


3 Responses to “Just to Note…”

  1. Tony G Says:

    Just because somebody’s a Democrat doesn’t mean they’re going to bend to Pelosi (see Sen. Mark Pryor, D-AR). Why do you put “blue dog” in quotes? Do you disagree with this assertion, or that all blue dogs are liars and in fact, closet liberals? If so, I resent that. I’m only a liberal in as much as I’m not as conservative as Texas conservatives are.
    You should have just settled for the cultist like you did for Palin.

  2. liberexmachina Says:

    I put “blue dog” is quotes mainly because it is a slangish term, not a hard and fast caucus. They rarely, if ever, vote in a block counter to what the mainstream Democratic position demands. They may be relatively conservative in rhetoric and beliefs, put they choose party over principles rather consistantly. Like Cornyn, if his votes on the bailout are any indication.

    Palin is not a cultist; charasmatic evangelicalism might be a little weird looking, but is just as valid a form of Christianity as any other denomination. And, if I was going to settle on a cultist, it would have been the Scientologist. Either way, Pelosi and Co was not going to get my vote.

  3. Tony G Says:

    A few flaws I want to note in your argument. No two people are politically the same, there will always be one issue a representative will stray from the party line on to properly represent their state. That being said, you really need to research the Blue Dog group. They actually stray from the party line quite often. Of course, it’s not more than 50%, but that’s because if it was, they’d be Republican. They should ideally be a third-party, but they can’t get the support to do that. I’d also like to note their demand from Pelosi that Obamacare include bans on abortion-funding: http://www.lifenews.com/nat5172.html. Of course they’re going to support liberal initiatives, they are liberal, but they’re not the far extreme liberal of the mainstream Democratic Party. To characterize all Democrats the same would be to do characterize all Republicans as such, too. Most Republicans will agree with each other 50% of the time, but there are those issues which separate the party into caucuses (think the Libertarian branch of the party, etc.)

    And I did not mean to imply that Palin was a cultist, simply that you were lying to yourself when you refused to vote for McCain, but voted for him de facto by voting for Palin, and that you could have lied to yourself to vote for the Scientologist.

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