Random Thoughts

July 17, 2009

With apologies to Thomas Sowell:

*I want a bowling ball for a super villain. Is that too existential?

*In other looking at the backs of peoples’ cars news, there is a hippie bumper sticker filled car that I usually park behind at work. Amongst the bumper stickers is a quote from Josef Stalin: “Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.” It is rare to see that much intellectual honesty from a liberal.

I mean, most liberal ideas on governance is derived from a Stalinesque mindset, if not a direct lifting from Stalin’s actual implementation of policy.

And Franken’s shenanigans certainly show how committed the hippies are to the actual sentiment of that Stalin quote.

*So, one of the sickly, selective anorexic girl customers recommended a book to me about the joys of selective anorexia. After checking out the website (with a picture of a sickly looking guy in the corner), I decided to no longer even give the time of day to self-appointed health gurus who:

  • Praise Rachel Carson or Oprah
  • name their kid ‘Ocean’
  • do not weigh betwixt 100-150 lbs (women) 125-175 lbs (men)
  • talk about how habits are hurting the environment without noting how their actions (like selling bestselling books) are also hurting the environment. I demand ironic acknowledgement!

Any other selective anorexics that wish to try and convince me to join in their particular form of insanity, take note.

*Every notice that video games will get user reviews BEFORE the game is actually released? Game websites really should lock out that function when the game is not yet out.

It is stupid to give a game a rating based on previews and screenshots (which is what those “reviewers” are essentially doing). If you want to mindlessly poo-poo (or, conversely 10/10) a game, can you not at least wait until it is released so that you are not overly diluting user reviews of people who are actually willing the form an intelligent response based on actual playtime?


2 Responses to “Random Thoughts”

  1. DeeMer Says:

    Just so I’m don’t fall behind, ‘selective anorexia’ is veggie-vegan-tofu-terianism?

  2. liberexmachina Says:

    Selective Anorexia is, in it’s broadest definition, the voluntary refusal to eat a class of food that contain exclusive essential nutrients. The most common types nowadays are the vegetarians (refusing to eat meat, which has unique essential amino acids and lipids) and the Adkins folks (you need some glucose [carbs] in your diet or your brain, which cannot extract energy from protein or fat, will die; there is a backup system under extreme starvation conditions, but I doubt the Adkin’s Diet would trigger it). I’m sure their are others.

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