Warning: Low Blog Activity Today

July 16, 2009

Today, I will be spending my time either working or preparing for my job interview later today (examining company products, formulating intelligent questions, psyching myself up, et cetera).

I really, really, really want this job, so do not expect me to be sticking anything up until tomorrow. If you are the praying sort, I’d appreciate any Christ intervention to help me get this job.

UPDATE: I survived the interview. I think I did okay. Now I wait for their decision.

UPDATE 2: I did not get the job. Oh well. I’m unemployable.


2 Responses to “Warning: Low Blog Activity Today”

  1. Tony G Says:

    Yeah, Sir Philip told me yesterday about your job interview… AND YOU DIDN’T TELL ME!!! *sniffle* 😥
    Anyway, good luck with it. I hope you get it, and given your propensity for nerdiness, I’m sure you’ll do fine. Does this mean if you get it you’ll move to Dallas? Ugh… Or perhaps move in with Philip and the lady of his household? (Of course any long-term plans would have to wait until the end of your lease…)

  2. liberexmachina Says:

    Well, to be fair, I did not know about it until Tuesday night (and was not quite sure about when until Wednesday night), so I did not have much time to let you know about it…

    Thank you. I’m not making any long-term plans until know I got the job, but I’ll probably end up moving further South (Lewisville area? Farmer’s Branch?), whilst still living in the suburbs.

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