Breakingish News…

July 14, 2009

Hutchison is runnin’ for governor of the Kingdom of Texas.

My first impressions are South Parkian in nature.

On the one hand, Hutchinson is hovering around the low 90’s and upper 80’s, according to the ACU. But, every time I hear about one of her votes, it’s a bad one. And, for some reason, she is known as “Baby-killer”. I do not know why she is, but she is.

On the other hand, two words: “tuition deregulation”. The cowards way out. The reason why I voted for Larry Kilgore in the last primary. Sure, I could name other dumb things Perry has done (Gardisil executive order, the Giuliani endorsement, Trans-Texas Corridor promotion, et cetera), but letting unelected board members decide tuition every semester instead of forcing budget cuts made me want to vote against him whenever possible.

But, Michael Williams running for governor… that will give me somebody to stand up for (other than our Philosopher King, Chuck Norris).

In fact, I’m endorsing Williams for governor. Bow-ties for everyone!

And, just in case you think I am following Moe Lane’s lead here (he endorse Williams, but for the soon to be freed up Senate seat), I do have a history of Williams boosting:

  • I vaguely remember think that Williams was the best speaker at the one YCT convention I attended. I was not on anything, but it was a lousy weekend, so I have repressed most of it.
  • When I attended the 2008 GOP Texas Convention, I did some blog-reporting under my other pseudonym. Granted, I did a rather lame job of it (you would not believe how hard it was to find free wi-fi in George R. Brown), but I did ask an (admittedly) unexpected question at the blogger interview session Williams attended. That was some positive, if not very well disseminated, reporting of William’s antics.

So, his Senate campaign website is here. Send him some cash money. And, tell him to run for Governor too. If he really is serious about those possibilities Obama opened up, he should know that he is better off, statistically, in a governor’s mansion.


2 Responses to “Breakingish News…”

  1. Moe Lane Says:

    On the Williams Governor thing: *heck,* no. The Senate needs all the smart energy guys that they can get right now. 🙂

  2. liberexmachina Says:

    Unless Kay Bailey retires immediately, I doubt Williams would have much effect on the current Cap’n’Trade debacle. Is the bill not already on the Senate docket?

    Hoping against hope that it fails, he would certainly be useful in the subsequent energy debacles that would surely arise to replace it.

    On the agreeing with you side, it sure would be fun for Cornyn to be the liberal Senator from the Kingdom of Texas.

    And nothing is stopping him from running for both. Except sanity.

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