Random Thoughts

July 10, 2009

With apologies to Thomas Sowell:

*I regularly semi-joke to myself that “1I need an imaginary girlfriend” after I step over a weird line. But, I have the inkling suspicion that having an imaginary girlfriend would do more harm than good. If the goal is to stop myself from crossing over the socially acceptable line for strangeness, then would having an imaginary girlfriend be enough of a pressure to stop? And would flushing out an imaginary girlfriend relationship drag me further into a weird fantasy land? That’s something to keep you up at night.

*I was not offended by the Jamaican accent of Jar-Jar Binks, but the racist twin Autobot characters in the Michell Fox/Shia LaBeuf vehicle Transformers 2: The Search for Cybertronian Goldcertainly offended me to no end. Maybe it was the messed-up goofy faces. Maybe it was the gold-colored tooth. Maybe it was the rap lingo/Ebonics garbage constantly spewing out of their gas holes. But I wanted to punch Michael Bay in the face.

*I mean, Bay found a way to make Wheelie even MORE annoying.

*Seriously, the least disappointing movie of the summer so far: Night at the Museum 2: The Search for Smithsonian Gold. A combination of low expectations and competence made it surprisingly legitimate popcorn fare.

*Coming into Denton from work this week, I got stuck behind a truck who had fake vanity license plates in his rear window claiming to be the “#1 Fan” of both the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Dallas Cowboys. This is contradictory and has to stop.

For one, there can be only one “#1 Fan” for each thing; one would think for something so powerful as a professional football team, they would be able to designate a “#1 Fan” by using better materials than a cheap, plastic vanity plate.

For two, how can someone be the “#1 Fan” for two different football teams? They play each other! Watching them battle each other on the field of football would drive them into a schizophrenic rage. I mean, someone has to lose. How can one undergo the ecstatic throes of their team winning AND the almost suicidal agony of their team losing at the same time. It just cannot be done without being mentally unbalanced.

*Understanding that Michell Fox is a dude (and a tranny), did Michael Bay make Wheelie gay? I mean, Wheelie having congress with Michell’s leg in that one scene is creepy enough, but if they acknoweldge that Michell is a guy… Ugh.

Then again, Michell is playing a chick, so maybe this is a non-issue.


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