Apparently, Destroying Our Economy With Cap-‘n’-Trade is Not Enough For Some…

July 9, 2009

Lookie, Greenpeace stuck a banner telling Obama to “Stop Global Warming” on Mt. Rushmore.

Things Obama could do beyond the old Cap-‘n’-Trade scam include:

  • Banning internal combustion engines for those making less than a Congressman
  • Banning electricity and fire (with Congress-level pay exemption)
  • Killing babies (wait, he’s already doing that)
  • Destroying jobs and providing Welfare instead of economic conditions that would create new jobs (that too)
  • Shoving a bunch of dry ice into the Earth’s core (to be fair, that might be part of the Cap-‘n’-Trade plan…)
  • Blocking the sun, Simpsons style
  • Banning concrete
  • Banning exhalation and farting (again, might be part of Cap-‘n’-Trade)
  • Open all the doors and windows to the White House and turn the AC to max

And I’m out of ideas. Greenpeace, would that be sufficient? Would us trying to eke out an existence without jobs, light, progeny, or shelter while holding our breath be enough to stop your imaginary bugaboo, Global Warming? Let me know.

As a side note, it was a good stunt. Hopefully, you did not damage the sculpture. If you did, I hope the National Park Service covers you in fish guts and feed you to bears. That’ll teach you.


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