Random Thoughts

July 3, 2009

With apologies to Thomas Sowell:

*One would think I would actually collect my random thoughts over the week instead of trying to recall them all at once. One would be wrong, but it would make sense if I did that. Maybe I should start…

*I worry about overdosing on “old man rub”. I mean, I know the over-the-counter drug folks pad their recommended dosage by halving or thirding the TD50, but I was dosing every couple of hours with my “old man rub” of choice (Icy Hot), instead of the recommended once every 6 hours.

*Why is it that one gets taxed for interest earned on government bonds? They are punishing you for helping foot the bill on government debt. One would think the government would want to encourage people to help them pay off their enormous debt load…

*Tomorrow is the 4th of July. Independence Day. A day to celebrate our official declaration that we wish to remove ourselves from the oppressive yoke of government tyranny. Take the time to remember that.


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