Moved, More or Less

June 27, 2009

So, we survived my move across town. There is still some stuff at the old place, but the lease is not over until Tuesday and the remaining stuff can be easily transported in my car. Oh, and I found out my shower has a pressure problem; time to see just how responsive the new landlords are!

My new living situation means some changes to my blogging habits. Until further notice, I am not going to have an Internet connection at home. I still have one at work (and will be stopping by work at least once a week when I am off), so new content will still be coming out in it’s usual slowish trickle. But, one can pretty much expect no new posts on Sunday (except for the occasional scheduled post, whenever I remember a Holy Day that needs noting).

Mayhaps when/if I get that decent career job, I’ll grab some interwebs for my new place. I just cannot afford it with my current minimum wage salary. Hooray, inflation!


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