What Exactly is the Deal with Lone Star Report’s Blog?

June 16, 2009

So, yesterday I linked to the Lone Star Report’s blog over YCT (disappointing) antics and, apparently, it does not support trackbacks.

I called my buddy (The Hogue) to ask about it and shoot the breeze. He says (paraphrasing), “blog messed up”. I type out a comment with all the trackback info (plus obnoxious FIRSTing); 24 hours later, that comment is still not up.

For those not in the know, The Lone Star Report is a newsletter covering Texas State government. It serves as a primary resource for newspapers too lazy to have an Austin correspondent, but a state government specific resource for lobbyist and government officials (so they can know what else went on while they were doing their thang). They are in the middle of upgrading (they started the blog for this Legislative session), but still…

Action Alert time! (Ugh…feelings of impotent hippiedom washing over me)

Complain to LSR blog operator (whoever that is) and tell them to get it up to code. There is little point in bloggers using LSR as a primary resource when you cannot help direct traffic your way. It’s tacky and wrong.

Or not. I already threw in my two cents. That might (eventually) be enough.


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