Ooooh, Science!

June 16, 2009

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Anyways, read this!

Throwing in my two cents (as a Biology Master’s Degree holder), “expertdom” is earned through a kind of nepotistic cronyism in the “hard” sciences (to be fair, sexology, Freudianism, and economics, the “sciences” discussed in the article, are “soft” at best). Propose research that goes against the accepted expert consensus and watch how little NSF (or NIH) grant money you get. Somehow fund your research without the expert approval and watch how fast your research gets rejected for publication from the reputable journals (either for not fitting into the consensus or for having a bias due to whoever funded you). Somehow get published in a “crackpot” journal and watch your career go down the drain with derisive laughter.

The most benign example I can think of (I’m not going to start a troll war with some of the more controversial examples) a non-consensus line of research being ignored is nondisjunction as a cause for cancer. The accepted consensus for cancer are a series of point mutations (with noted exemptions due to viral infections).

Now, I think that there can be multiple explanations for a cancer developing in a given person, but prevention can be wildly different depending on how a given cancer is caused. You ever see those Gardasil vaccine commercials? You cannot develop a vaccine for point-mutation or nondisjunction based cancers, but you can develop one for viral based cancers.

Nondisjunction certainly does have a role in cancers actually developing once the ball is rolling (no M-A Checkpoint means increased nondisjunction). Cancer research should, at the very least, look at nondisjunction-based treatments as a part of the point-mutation slew of options.

If they have, I have not seen it.

Hope that bolsters the argument a little.

Tip of the Hat: R.S. McCain


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  1. Tony G Says:

    Argh! Science! Must… keep… eyes… openandanlnalnlkn (insert random falling asleep keys)…

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