Why Don’t They Just Make it Illegal Already?

June 11, 2009

Oh yeah; the Democrats want it both ways.

They want to stop people from smoking and tax the snot out of it to pay for their hippie programs. Why would anyone want to pay a huge tax for a product that they cannot use in public places? And, when people stop, that tax money the man is relying on is going to dry up. If you are going to institute a sin tax instead of an outright ban, it is counterproductive to pull all these excess shenanigans.

And, to try and cut the trolls off, I would actually be okay banning nicotine products, especially considering that I don’t use ’em. I’d also be okay deregulating it’s use and keeping the sin taxes in place. I’m not okay with these half baked measures.


One Response to “Why Don’t They Just Make it Illegal Already?”

  1. Tony G Says:

    What if the sin taxes were [designated] for rehab programs? If nobody used them, there’d be no need for the programs, and as long as people are using them, they’re also paying for it themselves? I agree that using the money for anything else is hypocritical.

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