Transformers… After the Thrill is Gone

June 9, 2009

Well, I watched the Michael Bay Transformers movie again over the weekend. I got to say, once you get past the fanboy moments, it was an unnecessarily filthy movie; even more so than what I thought when I first watched it. The worst part of the movie was Bay’s attempts to make Transformers more “adult”.

And now, Megan Fox spouts off* while promoting the sequel. This is rapidly fizzling what excitement I had about another summer blockbuster in what is rapidly become the “Summer of Disappointment”:

  • Still haven’t seen “Star Trek” because I am waiting to go with people who actually want to see Star Trek; I’m rather ambivalent to it. When I finally do watch it, I’ll probably come out annoyed, if those reviews on how metrosexual Kirk has become are true.
  • Wolverine was ret-con city. I can live with some of them but there are some ret-cons that are a whole new level of stupid. When it hits the $2 theatre (or I can go rent it), I’ll go count them. I meant to during the movie, but lost count. Nevertheless, it was lame.
  • Terminator was waaaay too soft-on-killer-robots. They tried to spin it to be anti-war. Hypocritical and lame.

Coming up, we have Transformers and (shudder) G.I. Joe. Plus, I imagine, some other things. Seems like an off year. So, what has disappointed you ’bout summer movies so far this year?

*I’d link to the original source, but it has a weird format. Nolte’s post is good enough.


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