My Barely Substantive Obama Cairo Post Got Linked…

June 4, 2009

…by someone who put in more effort than I did.

UPDATE: I guess I need to examine my general feelings of “meh” to the whole Obama speech.

We know Obama would rather have fun with his pie-in-the-sky “moderate” Mohammadean appeasement than acknowledge that America is the world’s last great hope for peace (at least until Jesus comes back, of course), in no small part due to those Judeo-Christian values the country was founded on. He said as much in that Al-Arabiya interview he did a while back. And I have been noting Obama’s various attempts to degrade our Judeo-Christian heritage at various supposedly Catholic institutions. I guess that I’m a little burnt out with his one-note attempts; I know I burned a ton of ire about that interview.

And, barring any new level of shock (or he takes a break only to restart with new vigor), it just feels like more of the same. When he comes up with something new (and this speech was not all that different from the Janurary interview), I’ll generate a more fervent response.


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