(Pathetic) Adventures = FAIL?

May 29, 2009

So, it’s been about 3 weeks since I updated the whole (Pathetic) Adventures “saga”. And, using hindsight, it seems like a bad excursion to begin with.

It takes a lot of effort to write one of those. I have to play a whole round of Munchkin Quest (by myself), writing notes about what happens. Then I get to actually write the post, which is just fleshing out the notes (poorly). Then I get to spend an hour updating all the pages for it. It is not exactly enjoyable writing. Whatever fun I can extract from writing about a guy fighting a gazebo is sucked out by the constraints of dice pre-determining who wins and my laziness (I’m not writing 500 words about much of anything unless the subject requires it).

So, is there any demand for me to keep it up? I’ll finish the story if you (the few readers I have) want, but I can just as easily chalk it up to experience and chunk the idea. My roommate will appreciate having the whole kitchen card table back to fill up with various papers, if not using it to figuratively eat off of.

In other non-linking-to-other-people’s-articles-news, remember to vote in my “Let’s Kill Robin” poll. It’s on the sidebar for only 2 more weeks (have to write episodes 23 and 24 before the answer matters); then the bloodshed will begin.

If you were interested in the final results of the old poll, most of you like using microwaves in hilariously cruel ways. And I only had one Obama-bot participating (assuming that vote was not sarcastic).

So, do I finish (Pathetic) Adventures or what? Comment to let me know.


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