25 Things to Do While I am Still 25

May 28, 2009

So, my 25th birthday was yesterday. And my life is not exactly where I pictured it to be even when I was 20. Some expectations have been surpassed (I figured I would have committed suicide by police by now as a kid); some have been stamped “epic fail” (decent career and whatnot).

I have not exactly completed the goals I have already set for myself since starting this blog either. But, then again, I might have been thinking too big.

So, I have come up with 25 things I think I can do to improve my lot by the time my 26th birthday rolls around. Some are inane, some are practical, all are obtainable (as far as I know). This will be getting tjhe Operation treatment soon enough. So, God willing, I want to get the following done while I am still 25:

Financial Goals

  1. Have my student loans paid off
  2. Start a retirement fund
  3. Start a medical savings account
  4. Get career started
  5. Get off parents auto insurance

Romantic Goals

  1. Complete Operation: Yearly Rejection 2009
  2. Complete Operation: Yearly Rejection 2010 (assuming it is necessary)
  3. Try Speed Dating at least once
  4. Have a First Date

Non-Romantic Social Goals

  1. Get good enough on the banjo to play with the church band
  2. Restart going to a church homegroup
  3. Get elected to be a delegate to the State Republican Convention
  4. Get involved in a political/service organization
  5. Join a gun club so I do not have to pay ridiculous range fees to go shoot.
  6. Visit parents in Sunray, Texas.

Miscellaneous Goals:

  1. Lose that 50 pounds the Army told me to
  2. Get an actual bed (instead of the mattress on the floor I currently use)
  3. Get some kind of meat-grilling device
  4. Get a couch
  5. Get a Nintendo controller belt buckle
  6. Get proficient with my pistol
  7. Get a conceal-carry license
  8. Go camping at Enchanted Rock
  9. Go to a Dallas Desperados game
  10. Get my Master’s Degree diploma (I earned my Master’s, but I never got the piece of paper)

2 Responses to “25 Things to Do While I am Still 25”

  1. Tony G Says:

    How come you never tell me ahead of time when it’s your birthday? If I had known, I would have done somehting!
    Oh, and you can’t complain about Miscellaneous Goal #2, since my brother was begging people to take his bed, and you still said no.

  2. liberexmachina Says:

    My list of goals is a list of complaints?

    We both know that the space limitations in my room make an actual bed a “no go”. I already have to climb over my bed to get to my “nightstand”/ foot locker. Adding a hurdle to leap over just makes things more cramped. With a new apartment (featuring approx. 2.5X the space), an actual bed becomes a viable goal. As does getting a couch (and, I imagine, other, less necessary, furniture).

    Seeing if anyone remembered is at least 99% of the fun of birthdays. My parents did. Huzzah.

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