Life of LEM: BOaHCoD Recap

May 25, 2009

The 25th “episode” of Barack Obama and His Cabinet of Doom is rapidly approaching. And, as any comic book nerd can tell you, milestone issues mean someone has to die. This upcoming “arc” is going to culminate with the results of a “Let’s Kill Robin” poll where, you, the few readers that I have yet to alienate, get to decide which of Obama’s secret cabinet members is going to get the axe. Literally. It should be up by the time you read this. Check the sidebar.

While I make sure and stick in a hyperlink to the previous episode somewhere in text, I know it can be annoying to read things backwards in an effort to catch up. To help out those relatively new to my (quite possibly inane) political fan fiction, below is a hyperlink list of every episode so far, organized by “arc”:

Prologue (1 episode):

Intro Arc (6 episodes):

Gitmo Arc (2 episodes):

Socialized Medicine  (1 episode):

Gun Control Arc (4 episodes):

Gaffe Arc (2 episodes):

Passion Week Special (1 episode)

Drug Cartel Arc (5 episodes)


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