A Pro-Capitalist Hippie?

May 16, 2009

So this hippie came up with the idea to get small business owners to buy into the eco-cult using “carrotmobs“, or getting all the hippies in town to swarm into the targeted store, buying wares left and right.

I got to say, although I disagree with the motives (promoting eco-cultism), I admire the spunk. Increasing business revenues so the owners can have the cash necessary to get hippie-approved eco-junk? Much more likely to work than, say, cap-‘n’-trade taxing businesses into oblivion or boycotts. If the business does not have the revenue, it would not matter how much financial punishment the hippies dish out; inefficient solar panels and light bulbs made of concentrated evil cost money.

Wonder how long this pro-business hippie plan will last before they revert back to the hippie’s natural state?


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