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April 25, 2009

Is Obama the Superpresident?

I was going to avoid the whole Obama at 100 days rigmarole, but that caught my eye. I suppose my answer would be: it depends on what the definition of “Superpresident” is. If “Superpresident” (hereby condensed to S-Prez) means “President that presidents well above the norm of presidenting”, then the answer is, of course, no; Obama has no way of standing with the greats (in reverse chronological order: Reagan, Coolidge, Lincoln, Washington) or even the above-averages (Eisenhower, T. Roosevelt, Jefferson) if we are to judge based on his first 100 days. He is hitting incompetence not seen since Ford and Carter at this rate. If S-Prez means “president that happens to be super-powered”, my research would say “yes”.

CNN’s answer on the other hand, is based on (probably shoddily collected) poll data. Their answer? “So far, so good.” I think dropping the “biased card” on CNN in general is just too obvious; but their poll data looks like absolute dreck. How in the world can somewhere around 75% of Americans think something positive about Obama when only 64% of them approve of the job Obama is supposedly doing? I cannot believe than 10% of CNN’s polling data would think “Obama is a nice enough fellow, but I think he is doing a bad job”; did they conveniently dropped a largish percent of Obama detractors from their specific nice-thing questions to make Obama look good? The other polling services will definitely be collecting approve/disapprove data, but not necessarily specific nice things data. That means, while the other polls would force CNN to be honest about the approve/disapprove data, they can fudge the nice things data with relative impunity.

I want to call shenanigans on this one. Anybody else?


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