Read a Book!: The Once and Future King

April 20, 2009

The Once and Future King

by T.H. White

I never exactly read a concise summation of the Arthurian legend before. I watched Disney’s The Sword in the Stone and that is about the extent on it. So, wandering around the Nerd section of the bookstore, I came upon The Once and Future King. It was cheap and thick, so I bought it.

It is considered one of the classic renditions of Arthur, but a few complaints kept me from enjoying it as much as I should. For the minor one, the legend takes shots at the Scots; it does make sense, considering that it was a legend of an English king. What does not make sense, is how the author regularly editorializes to apologize for the knights’ devotion to God. Ret-conning the legend to better appeal to liberal sensibilities is offensive. If you can get past it, it is a good, dense read. Took me a good 3 weeks to read it (Book 2 was dull).

Read a Book!


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