Ba Ba Barbarian

April 7, 2009

So, apparently Barack Obama is going to star in a Conanesque comic book. When I saw it, a little ditty went through my head. Sing along if you know the tune (and if you do not, shame on you; it’s from one of the best Disney cartoons of this decade):

Ba ba barbarian
Ba ba barbarian

Barack the Barbarian
A scrawny wimp.
His girlfriends Hill and Michele
Are a princess and a chimp

[Hill enters on screen]: NOT A MONKEY

Their Mom and Dad are the king and queen
Of the land of Udregoth.
They went to banish evil
And now Barack is the [pause] BOSS!

Barack, Hill, and Michele
Brave and bold, like deers.
The ain’t even competent heroes
But they’ll only be in four years!

Ba ba barbarian
Ba barbarian
Ba ba barbarian…

Tip of the Hat: imao


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