Life of LEM: Snags in Gun-Totin’ Career?

March 28, 2009

So, if you have been following the status page for Operation: Gun-Totin’ Career?, you must have noticed that I am making slow, steady progress towards losing the weight of a small child. But some recent developments may make that weight loss moot (other than, of course, the health benefits of weighing one less small child).

First off, the boss-man is trying to move me over to the other shop; if his attempts are successful, that means no more night-person life for me (plus a small raise)! My rut will be broken and I can begin to attempt to build a social life of sorts. Whether those attempts would amount to anything is a different matter, but it might be enough that I can be content, career-wise.

Secondly, my tutoring pupil let me know that his high school alma mater might have an opening and be willing to take a chance on me, even after seeing my resume. That would get me out of my night-person rut, plus (I assume) a hefty raise, a shot at a real career, and a daily commute! This is what I am ultimately looking for, assuming they think my potential is worth the investment of time (I still feel young, stupid, and needing some guidance to become something better than a mediocre teacher). That would be the escape route over the dead end I feel my attempts at getting an actual teaching job would result in.

I am denied the opportunity to serve until I lose this weight (assuming, of course, that the army does not have objections they have yet to voice). If either of the aforementioned opportunties come to fruition before then, I might just try for the Reserves instead of the full-time army. But, it is nice to see multiple lights at the end of the tunnel; hopefully, I make the right decision when the time comes.

And, as expected, there is still no progress on Operation: Yearly Rejection, for those of you are still keeping track on that.


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